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Gold Rush Days

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Gold Rush Days are always held the third full weekend in October. It is a time for thousands to come and see fall colors peaking and celebrate Dahlonega’s 1828 discovery of gold. Over 300 art and craft exhibitors and food vendors gather around the Public Square and Historic District in support of this annual event. It is estimated that a crowd of over 200,000 visit over the weekend to join in the fun and excitement!

The Gold Rush Days Festival has been voted one of the Top 20 Events in the southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society. Join us in downtown Dahlonega on October 15-16, 2016 and you will see why!

Although The Dahlonega Jaycees produce this festival each year, we can’t take credit for it’s continued success. Volunteers, Vendors, Performers and Contest Participants, Festival-Goers, Advocates, Gracious Downtown Merchants and Restaurant Folks, Officers and Emergency Service Providers, City and County Partners, Locals and Out-of-Towners…ALL OF YOU contribute to the success of this event each year.

We hope you know how grateful we truly are for each of you and the incredible impact your role in this festival has on our community, not just for one weekend in October, but all throughout the year.

On behalf of the Dahlonega Jaycees, we can say with much sincerity,


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Athens Police: Sexual Assault Linked to Pokémon Game

By: Aungelique Proctor
POSTED:JUL 14 2016 05:43PM MST

ATHENS, Ga. – Athens-Clarke County Police said a man was sexually assaulted by a stranger while playing the Pokémon game.

Police said the assault happened Tuesday at 4:30 in the morning when the 24-year-old victim was sitting in his car in a parking lot behind a gaming store on Gaines School Road.

Police said the suspect approached the victim and started asking about the popular gaming app that is sweeping the country since it was first released July 6.

“He was approached by an unknown male. The male began asking if he was playing the game. The male reached out and touched the victim in the inner thigh and he started asking him sexual questions,” Sergeant Harrison Daniel said.

The victim said he did not call the police because the suspect had his hand in his pocket the entire time and the victim feared it was a gun.

Athens-Clarke County Police said they have a lead on the man. Anyone with information is asked to call investigators.


Pokemon Go Has Location at
Sex Offender Residence

Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard has worked hard to keep Sex Offenders away from our kids in Dahlonega and through out our County. These numbers below are very impressive. Dahlonega, GA ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders compared to county and state:

Georgia:  1,003        Lumpkin County:  420        Dahlonega:   117
(Note: Higher values mean more residents per sex offender)

By: Marc Martinez
POSTED:JUL 11 2016 09:02PM MST

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – It’s a game that has everyone talking, and everyone playing, even adults.

Pokemon Go has become an overnight phenomenon, and while it’s meant to be all fun and games, it has put some players in danger. The game which mixes fantasy with reality gets people out and about, looking for and capturing Pokemon characters and other prizes using their phones.

But since the game’s release, it’s been linked to robberies and the discovery of a dead body. Now there is a new risk closer to home which could have unsuspecting players walking right into what could be a dangerous situation. One of the locations is a hotel turned halfway house for dozens of registered sex offenders.

Pokemon Go has location at sex offender residence.

One of the beacons used in the game is the New Windsor Hotel. It’s on the list of historic places which is why it may be on the Pokemon Go app. But when you search Arizona’s DPS Sex Offender Registry, you’ll see 546 W Adams Street is home to 43 registered sex offenders.

That was news to one Pokemon Go player, Kyle Costello. “It’s a little bit concerning, but when you’re walking around you don’t have to be there, you only have to be like 100 feet to get the rewards from the location,” said Costello.

It’s a good reminder for parents with kids playing the game to find out where exactly they’re going.

“Look at it as you would Halloween and trick or treating. Just make sure that if you have young children that you’re the chaperon. That you accompany them,” said Daphne Young.

Young is with Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona. She says it’s a good idea to keep location tracking on your kids’ phones when they’re out searching for Pokemon.